Sooooo much has happened since my last blog post.

First and foremost to I got married. Crazy! Took me 40 years, but sometimes it takes that long to find the right person. The good thing is that now I can stop calling her my future wife. ?

Up next on the horizon … comic book time.

For those of you who don’t know, for a number of years I have been working on a comic book about my life in Hollywood and my experiences on the set of The Room. Issue 1 starts with my audition and first meeting of Tommy Wiseau. Hilarity and life changing events ensue. Issues 1-3 are available on my website. They are a must for the Room fan click on the store tab for more information.

But hold that thought!

We are releasing Issue 4 on Memorial Day! That’s May 28.

And trust me, it’s a good one.

In issue 4 we catch up with my glamorous (cough, cough) Hollywood life on the first day of principal photography for the movie that would, unknowingly at the time, end up being the biggest cult film phenomenon since Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Whoa!) As I like to say, be careful what you wish for. You might actually get it! And then what?

Issue 4 is chock full of fun stuff. You get to learn about the underpinnings of the “I just like to watch you guys” scene. And a new figure enters into the fray – Sandy Schklair.

We also continue with our back-of-the-book features.

In the second installment of Denny Between the Scenes, your loveable neighborhood actor gets involved with Chris-R in hopes of finding happiness with Elizabeth. You’ll also want to read our exclusive interview with Kyle Vogt, who played your favorite shrink extraordinaire, Peter!

So many goodies!

Look for more on future issues of My Big Break in the coming week …

Issue 4 of My Big Break will be released Memorial Day, March 28.