As a huge fan of The Room I was delighted to meet Philip and discover his comic book My Big Break. While I thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious anecdotes about Philip’s road to becoming Denny, I was also touched by the story of a guy, Philip, who followed his dreams to Hollywood to make it as an actor. With My Big Break you’ll find the laughs and inside scoop about the process of making The Room, but you also get a close-up view of hard work, rejection, terrible day jobs, crumby apartments and all the other ingredients that make up the struggle of an actor looking for his Big Break.  Tommy Bechtold, actor and writer, known for roles in The Middle, Mascots and Jimmy Kimmel Live!


What a cool read! My Big Break, Philip Haldiman’s hilarious anthology series, takes you on a visual trip through his life as he auditions for and stars in “The Room,” the best worst movie of the millennium. Even though I was on set during the filming of The Room, there was so much that happened behind the scenes that I never saw. This series invites readers into Philip’s private world, and through funny commentary and Philip’s inner dialogue, chronicles the zaniness of the The Room, set and the life a struggling actor fresh to La-La Land. If you love The Room, you will love this series. Robyn Paris, played michelle in The Room, director of The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?


My Big Break is a dose of unbelievable reality and hilarious insanity through Philip’s trip down the rabbit hole of Hollywood, plus plenty of bonus features. Even if you haven’t heard of or watched The Room, these events from Philip’s life will leave you laughing, questioning and wanting more. Grab a spoon and get ready for one of the strangest series of events to have ever come out of Hollywood. Marissa Murphy, The Room fan