… Now He’s Making a Comic Book About It Three movie nerds are sitting outside The Coronado, talking about weird continuity gaffes in Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. In particular, they’re talking about the scene where the boyish Denny is eating an apple while climbing up a staircase … Read the story by Ashley Naftule at Phoenix New Times.  

When your writer interviewed actress Robyn Paris in 2008 about appearing in filmmaker Tommy Wiseau’s film The Room she was happy to talk about the so-bad-it’s-awesome cult movie but also gave the impression that she regarded the project as very much in her rear view mirror. So, how did she come to write, direct, produce, and star in a web series mockumentary inspired […]

Philip Haldiman will be on hand June 2-5 at Phoenix Comicon selling “That’s Life!,” the much-anticipated fourth issue of his comic book series “My Big Break.” Exclusively available at Phoenix Comicon, the series chronicles his life in Hollywood, as well as experiences working on the cult film, “The Room.” Issue 4 will be released for Comicon attendees exclusively before a national […]

I love it when something arrives in my mailbox that isn’t a bill. With “The Disaster Artist” book and upcoming movie, and even a mockmentary in the works, it’s funny how the original cast and crew of The Room are coming forward with their own tell-all projects as the movie continues to grow in cult status. This morning I got the first […]

Oh, hai! The immensely lovable Philip Haldiman (@theroomdenny, The Room, My Big Break comic book) watched a pretty creepy episode of the Golden Girls with us and it was all we expected and much more! We watched the return of Big Daddy, this time he’s engaged and she’s much, much younger and it gets Blanche’s non-existent underwear all in a knot. Also, Dorothy […]

Hi, my name is Elessar of the blog Arenor Productions. You might remember me from the inaugural episode of Silverwolf Speaks. I am here to…guest review I guess, a very strange indie comic for all of you. But first a bit about me: [Editor’s Note] This section was about 2-3 pages long and consisted mainly of increasingly unlikely, self-aggrandizing stories. We decided, to save […]