On New Year’s Eve 2018, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. In a way that kind of crystalizes this now ending year. Back in the day, I slept long after the sun had risen. The nights went late and the days were shorter. Midnight was the creative hour and the sunrise was an accomplishment. But these days, 11 p.m. is […]

It has been quite the year so far. Most importantly I got married in April. We got married in our own backyard, a product of our own creation from the food served to the ceremony theatrics and site plan. It was the biggest undertaking of my life and I invited all my friends! All joking aside, it was an unforgettable […]

Congratulations to James Franco for winning Best Actor at The Golden Globes tonight. What a mighty way to kick off 2018, and it’s been a lovely ending to a beautiful 2017. To close the year, the other day my fiancé and I shed our Christmas tree of ornaments and lights, removed the stockings from the mantle and left the family […]

By now some of you have seen The Room Actors Where Are They Now. It’s a funny, and at times grotesque look at how the biggest film cult phenomenon of this century affected the actors who starred in it. This is Robyn Paris’ creation, who played Michelle in The Room. She wrote and directed it and now it is showing […]

Welcome to my new and improved website. I consider it my cyber home. A place where I can go whenever I want to take stock, look inward, talk things out and share with others. One of the significant purposes of this website is to make announcements about projects I am working on. I have been working on My Big Break […]