I have to admit that when I first saw the teaser for James Franco’s Disaster Artist, I was captivated. The takes, the missed lines, the missed marks! Yes, it pretty much happened that way. I arrived midway through the shoot that day, as I was scheduled to shoot after that scene wrapped. But the scene from Disaster Artist only told one part of the story. And Issue 5 of My Break Break tells another perspective.

There were the hirings and firings, Sandy Schklair’s brief stint on set and the piecing together of the script that the cast members tried to make sense of. Those things and more are addressed in issue 5 of My Big Break.

But there was also the life that I lived aside from my time on the set of The Room, life as a struggling actor, figuring everything out as a young man in the rough and tumble world of Hollywood, aside from acting, just trying to wade through a mad and crazy world. All that is in the newest issue, plus another installment of Between the Scens, which explains some of the dropped plotlines in the movie  as well as an exclusive interview with Robyn Paris, who played Michelle.

Fun stuff!

Issue 5 will be released Nov. 26 on philiphaldiman.com.

Pick it up for yourself or for the biggest Room fan in your life.

Happy holidays!