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Thanks for visiting my cyber home! It is THE place to come for updates on projects, including My Big Break, which tells the story of my life in L.A., with a backdrop of what would later become the cult film phenomenon The Room.

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Meet the 'My Big Break' Creative Team
My Big Break
Philip Haldiman

After watching “The Room,” it's easy to tell that Philip Haldiman wasn't born to act. But the one thing he DID start doing not long after being thrust from the warm confines of his mother's womb was write. It took his experiences in Los Angeles and his time working on the outrageous cult film to come full circle and realize that he should stick to writing. A theater degree, a number of credits in films you'll never see, a unique cinematic phenomenon and a journalism career later, he looks to his next project — a comic book series. By day, Haldiman works as an editor for Independent Newsmedia Inc.

My Big Break
Kyle Bennett

A longtime lover of midnight/cult cinema – the opportunity to tell Philip’s story is a dream project that we hope every fan of The Room will enjoy! Kyle began drawing comics at the age of 10, and began his career in Illustration and design nearly two decades ago. In that time, he has illustrated and/or designed textbooks, DVD packaging (including the BBC’s Chronicles of Narnia); health, lifestyle, luxury and financial magazines. Today, Kyle is the VP of Creative Design and Development for the APEX award-winning company Unified Brand.

My Big Break
Tommy Cannon

Hi, I'm Tommy. I perform with Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth, Improv Mania, and all of the Dr. Zombie projects. I'm also a cartoonist with work in Fred the Mustard Packet, My Big Break (that Room thing), Supersonic Soul, and The Ben Matlock Review. You know, I'm a mainstream kinda guy. I also teach people about creative things.